A visit to Rolls Royce

The chance to create some smiles

We always say, it’s not always about the money! We were so fortunate to be supported by PTF at Rolls Royce in 2021 and because of that new friendship were created which led to a chance in a lifetime for two of our me&dee families.

Thanks to our charity Advocate, Zorran Carnell, we were introduced to different people within Rolls Royce and we were lucky enough to be offered a visit to the Rolls Royce hanger at East Midlands Airport.

One such person that Zorran introduced us to was, James Ayre, who invited us and two me&dee families to visit and experience a morning at the hanger, a chance to see some innovative and classic aircraft.

As you can see from the photos below, kindly taken by April Banks, Copyright Rolls-Royce plc, there was a lot of questions answered and memories made.

We would like to thank everyone involved in making this happen, the staff of Rolls Royce PLC, especially, Zorran, James and Graham, you made it a day to remember forever for Taylor, Joe and their families.