The Liquorish Family

A brief History

That moment when as a parent you know something isn't quite right, James was now 3 years old and having concerns about him when he was just 2 and a half , diagnosed at the time to be flat feet and hyper mobility, it was clear to Mazz and Darren, Mum and Dad, that something wasn't right.

After a blood test at LRI was taken and being told it would take 10 days for the results to comeback, a phone call the very next morning and being told that they suspected James had Muscular Dystrophy was to say the least, a life changing moment.

Mazz tells us; “We had to take James back for a second set of bloods and then a third for DNA! Eventually James had to have a muscle biopsy which in May 2013 confirming “Duchenne muscular dystrophy”!! as you can imagine we were devastated!! But we new there was nothing we could do! We felt helpless! And Disbelief !”

A Holiday Full of Laughter

Back in 2018 me&dee met this lovely family and offered them a break at our holiday home in Mablethorpe, a holiday to enjoy and make memories together.

As you can see in the pictures below, James is a massive Leicester City fan and his electric wheelchair is plastered with the Foxes badge.

A Thank you from, Mazz, Darren and James

If one thing James’s diagnoses has taught us, it’s to slow down and enjoy him! “Memories are all we really have” material items come and go, we never really remember that ornament, that pair of curtains or that set of matching towels!

It’s special people and special Memories that leave a lasting mark, “like a scar or a tattoo” people like Maria and Mark from Me&dee (Mark you can be the scar and Maria you can be the Tattoo) The memories you guys have given us can never and will never be erased!!! We appreciate you so much! You have taught us the true meaning of friendship and love ❤️

Ps… Thanks for the Memories!!!