Derby 10K 2023

32 Runners raising funds for me&dee

On a really cold and wet morning the me&dee gazebo team turned up at 7.00am to get things ready for the event. Maria, Mark, Nick Kinsey and our Charlotte were the unlucky ones, after losing an hours sleep due to the clocks going forward, it really didn’t feel like summer!

However, with the gazebo up and tables set up, a short trip by Mark and Nick to Greggs for coffee and bacon sandwiches, a must for all gazebo erection teams, they settled in and awaited the arrival of this years members of #teammeanddee.

#Teammeanddee 2023

Nicola Earp
Jorden Woodward
Victoria Wilcox
Clare Brewin
Pip Hughes
Simon Smith
Rebecca Smith
Adam Rouse
Chrissie Howard
Sam K Matondo
Kelly Wilson

Zorran Carnell
Jack Miller
Stephanie Gall-Edwards
Shaun Milner
Gemma Gardiner
Mary Liquorish
Daz Liquorish
James Liquorish
Dan Mather
Joanne Ison

Deborah Robinson
David Wilson
Denice Delgado
Craig Barker
Holly Carter
Ben Creak
Annette Shuck
Kristen Lambert
Dave Harpur
Dawn Tobin
John Tobin

Spirits are high!

As the runners gathered in the cold and wet the gazebo bulging at the sides, the anticipation of the task ahead setting in, this year we were blessed to have some me&dee families taking part which is really heartwarming to Maria who said; “We never ask families to give back but the response from the families this year has been overwhelming, we are delighted that James can take part in his wheelchair, we can’t thank them and all our runners enough”.

After a warm up, it was soon time for the off and everyone gathered on the road outside of Pride Park Stadium, over 3,000 registered this year. Off they went, the rest of the support team are left to wait for the safe return of #teammeanddee.

It’s always an anxious time when the runners are out on the course, these kind hearted people have put themselves out to raise money for the charity and we had a mixture of levels running this year, total novices to people who run on a regular basis but we are happy to say that everyone made it back ok with Jack Miller and Adam Rouse fighting it out for the quickest time, we think Adam just pipped it.

This Years Total

The team managed to raise over £4,500.00 for us this year, an amazing amount of money and we would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who entered the race and raise money for me&dee, you are all, #memorymakers.