Sporting Bears in London

Another Special Event in London

Once again we were gifted a place at this annual event organised by the Sporting Bears Charity. A gift that money just can’t buy, an event that makes so many memories for families from all over the United Kingdom.

This year we were really pleased to offer one of our families a place to have a journey in a Rolls-Royce car, one of ten loaned to the Sporting Bears by Rolls Royce Motor Cars, through the streets of London escorted by the Special Escort Group.

Our family this year were Mark, Lucy and their daughter Molly-Mae, a family who’s lives were altered forever when Molly was diagnosed with a life threating condition during the Covid lockdown.

Sadly Molly’s two Brothers, Alfie and Ted, couldn’t join her on this particular trip, Molly said she was enjoying the peace and quiet, but with a cheeky smile and many a Facebook Live’s were had whilst away for the weekend.

We had a lovely surprise when we found out that another one of our families had been invited by Rainbows Hospice, great to see Leah, Josh and Callie, fair to say Josh just couldn’t believe the experience, we also spent some time back at the hotel with them over a late dinner.

Off we go!

The trip started as always, from the Hilton London Metropol, who are supporters of the event and they certainly look after all the families, who stay with them for the evening after the event. A late start this year as the destination is The Tower of London who once again have made arrangements with the Sporting Bears guru, Max Walker, to welcome the cars and families after they close to the general public.

A 40 minute trip awaits our families, escorted through London by the SEG, not stopping at red lights or junctions, if you seek the SEG out on YouTube you will see that the bikes have blue flashing lights but not sirens! This is because they use whistles! They do this because the public have become used to two tones etc. but the whistle alerts people and they respond quicker when asked to stop, they truly are amazing at what they do.

As you can imagine, 10 new Rolls Royce’s travelling in convoy with the Kings outriders attracts plenty of camera action and waving, you can’t see in to the cars so it could be anyone in there, it’s an amazing experience for the families with plenty of memories being created.

The video below shows the cars arriving with SEG leading the way.